Discover the best apps to simulate breathalyzers

The evolution of technology has brought innovative solutions in various aspects of our lives, including our safety on the roads. Apps to simulate breathalyzers emerge as a crucial tool for raising awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. They allow for a quick and practical check of blood alcohol level, aiding in responsible decision-making before getting behind the wheel.

With growing concern and stricter laws regarding drunk driving, these apps are gaining momentum. They foster a culture of responsibility and awareness by providing vital information to avoid traffic accidents and ensure lawful, safe driving.

We invite you to explore more about these innovative apps, understand how they work, how they can be used, and their impact on reducing alcohol-related road incidents. Discover how technology ca

What are the best apps to simulate breathalyzers?

Technological advancements have brought various apps capable of simulating breathalyzers, aiding in raising awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Below are listed five of the best apps currently available:

Apps to simulate breathalyzers

  • AlcoDroid;
  • Blood Alcohol Calculator;
  • Breathalyzer Calculator;
  • DriveSafe;
  • Endui.

1. AlcoDroid

AlcoDroid is an intelligent app dedicated to helping users understand their alcohol consumption. This app not only estimates blood alcohol level based on consumed drinks but also projects when the user will be sober again, aiding in making mindful decisions about whether to drive or not. Additionally, AlcoDroid provides detailed analyses of alcohol consumption over time, promoting greater understanding and control over drinking habits.

It operates with an intuitive and user-friendly system, allowing the user to quickly input information about consumed drinks. This makes AlcoDroid a valuable tool for those wishing to monitor their alcohol consumption effectively and responsibly. The awareness provided by this app can be a significant ally in reducing alcohol-associated risks and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

2. Blood Alcohol Calculator

Blood Alcohol Calculator is a remarkable app known for its simplicity and accuracy. Its main function is to calculate the estimated blood alcohol level based on the drinks consumed by the user. Through a simplified system, the user can input data about the type, amount, and time of drink intake, thus receiving an estimate of their blood alcohol concentration.

This app not only informs the estimated level of alcohol but also the approximate time needed for the user to reach sobriety again. Thus, Blood Alcohol Calculator becomes an essential tool for those seeking to drink responsibly, allowing for more informed and safe decision-making regarding the ability to drive a vehicle.

3. Breathalyzer Calculator

The Breathalyzer Calculator is a practical and efficient app that provides an approximate estimate of blood alcohol concentration. This app allows users to input information such as weight, gender, and amount of alcohol consumed, delivering results that can assist in making informed decisions about driving or not after consuming alcoholic beverages.

The app stands out for its user-friendly interface and the accuracy of its estimates, serving as an informative and educational tool for responsible alcohol consumption. Additionally, the Breathalyzer Calculator also indicates the estimated time for the user to regain sobriety, providing clearer insight into the effects of alcohol on the body.

4. DriveSafe

DriveSafe is a pioneering app focusing on the prevention of traffic incidents associated with alcohol consumption. This app has functionalities that estimate the user’s blood alcohol level, based on entered information such as the amount and type of drink consumed, weight, and gender. This calculation provides a useful indication to determine whether it is safe to drive or not.

5. Endui

Endui is an innovative app aimed at reducing the risks associated with alcohol consumption and driving. It allows users to estimate their blood alcohol levels based on information such as weight, amount, and type of drink consumed. In addition to providing an alcohol level estimate, the app also offers features like locating taxis and rideshare services to ensure a safe return home.

With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, Endui seeks not only to inform but also to educate its users about the dangers of mixing alcohol and driving. The app encourages more responsible and safe choices by providing alternatives to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Are Breathalyzer Simulation Apps Reliable?

Breathalyzers simulation apps offer an estimated view of blood alcohol levels; however, their reliability can be questionable in certain situations. Let’s look at some pros and cons of these apps.


  • Awareness: They promote awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Education: They serve as educational tools on responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Transport alternatives: Many offer options to call taxis or rideshare services, encouraging users not to drive if intoxicated.


  • Inaccuracy: The results are estimates and may not represent the actual level of alcohol in the blood.
  • False security: They may give users a false sense of security, leading them to drive when they shouldn’t.
  • User information dependence: Accuracy depends on the information provided by the user, which may not be accurate or complete.

Can a breathalyzer simulator be used as evidence in a police stop?

Breathalyzers simulation apps are useful tools to raise awareness about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. However, they are not legally recognized as accurate devices for measuring blood alcohol levels. The results obtained through these apps are not admissible as evidence in legal situations or police stops, where a homologated and calibrated breathalyzer is required to get valid and legally recognized results.

The accuracy of the apps can vary, and users should be aware that these do not replace the breathalyzer test conducted by traffic authorities. Responsible use of these tools involves understanding their limitations and respecting traffic laws, prioritizing safety when deciding whether one is fit to drive after consuming alcoholic beverages.